Top 10 Facts That You Must Know Before You Buy Steroids

Top 10 Facts That You Must Know Before You Buy Steroids

So you wanna buy steroids?

With a large focus to get a nicely built body and a Hulk Hogan looks, nowadays, boys are being too much motivated for the steroids and their use. But steroid in itself is a huge category to look into. In the steroids, if we specifically talk then, the focus of a bodybuilder revolves around the usage of the anabolic steroids which are known for good muscle weight and built body.

However, as we are talking about the steroids, people could easily find a lot of prevailing misconceptions which tells that these supplements are dangerous and in many cases, these are highly lethal. So, to avoid these misconceptions and make it clear to you, we have brought you with this article.

This article will explain about the Anabolic steroids, their benefits and some interesting facts about them. This piece of write-up will be an eye-opener for you.

10 must-known facts about Anabolic Steroids


1 - What are these anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances which mimic the testosterone that is a male sex hormone. This hormone is known for bringing the sex drive and strengthening the libido and secondary sex characteristics.  The secondary sex characteristics include the facial hair, body hair, manly voice, etc.) however, when taken as a supplement during the body building, these act for building the muscle fibers and a lean muscle mass. The regular intake of these steroids will give good body and increased mass.

2 - What are the different types of anabolic steroids?

These anabolic steroids come in different forms of which some the very popular and highly produced steroids are Nandrolone decanoate (trade name: Deca-Durabolin®), Stanozolol (Winstrol®), Androstenedione, Methandrostenolone (Dianabol®), and Trenbolone (“Fina”). Despite these, there could be many other derivatives which mimic the testosterone but they generally perform the same activates which are increasing lean muscle mass and promoting the sex drive.

3 - How Anabolic steroids differ from growth hormones in human?

Due to the work, these do on the human body, these differ widely from each other. In humans, the growth hormone enables the cell reproduction and proper functioning of the brain. This, in turn, gives proper functioning to the body. However, the anabolic steroids perform the enhancement of sex drive, development of male traits and building of muscle mass.

4 - Is there any danger using these anabolic steroids?

Not specifically with anabolic steroids, but if you abuse the steroids, be it any, there is always a danger. Also, always remember that anything in limit is never harmful. If you will go beyond the limit, there are side effects waiting. Some of the prominent side effects which you could face while abusing the steroids are:


  • Potential damage to cardiovascular and organs
  • Building of cancer cells
  • Chances to build the liver disease
  • Increase in the size of the breast
  • Shrinkage in the testes
  • Chances of water retention in the body
  • Elevated levels of cholesterol
  • Acne and facial skin issues

So, if you want to be an aware user, you must avoid the overtly use of the anabolic steroids. Check this page for more info about side effects of steroids.

5 - How anabolic steroids help body builders?

Doing the organic workout is good but when it is about building the muscle mass and getting ready for the bodybuilding competition, slow never work always. Therefore, there are many body builders, I am talking about the professionals, they do is to take the anabolic steroids sideways and working out harder. The steroids boost their energy level making them spend more in the gym. Therefore, doing the organic workout is good but doing the workout with anabolic steroids within limits is best. you all must try it.

6 - Do anabolic steroids kill?

As you are taking these steroids to build the lean muscle mass, there is always a workout regime going side by side. Well, in this case, these are never going to harm you or kill you.  Therefore, if you follow a healthy regime and take ample amount of steroids as prescribed by the physician, you are not going to die. However, if you are worried about Lyle Alzado’s claim and Arnold’s heart disease, you must not because the claims came as to be false.

7 - Do I need a prescription for the anabolic steroids?

Yes, in many countries, you would definitely need a prescription for the anabolic steroid. This is because, still in many countries, anabolic steroids are not legal and these are prohibited for the athletic use.  Therefore, if you need to build your body mass or increase the athletic performance, you must get it prescribed by a physician.

8 - Is true that anabolic steroids will build the body but shrink the testes?

If you are taking anabolic steroids for the muscle growth, you are required to do proper workout to nullify the side effects. Moreover, if the usage of the steroid is limited to the prescribed quantity, there will not be any after effect. But if people in the dream of getting quick results overtly abuse the steroid, he could face the serious issue of shrinkage of testicles.

9 - Do I need to read a lot before using the anabolic steroids?

Reading and researching a lot about the thing you are going to use is all about your choice. However, nothing compels you to do so. But you must have adequate information so that you nowhere go wrong. But please stay away from the sites that support wrong facts about the anabolic steroids. There are many who are against the use and hence, they promote false news.

10 - Where to you buy steroids?

Currently, there are many online shops and dispensaries which are offering steroids in bulk. If you want the steroids, just buy from there without any prescription. But if you are thinking to buy these steroids from the nearby medical shop, you would need a doctor’s prescription for sure.

So, these were top 10 facts or questionnaire that come in everyone’s mind. We hope that this article has guided you well about the anabolic steroids and their side effects, etc.
Work hard, educate yourself and buy steroids from genuine sources.